Peniel (pronounce as ‘pe-NI-el’) Cleaning Pte Ltd was originally adapted after a Hebrew biblical name, representing “Face of God”. Peniel Cleaning believes and works towards establishing long term relationship with all our clients while providing professional and quality cleaning. Peniel Cleaning’s experienced project team, dedicated support staffs and trained pool of cleaners have contributed largely to our ever expanding base of more than 200 employees all over Singapore. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and friendly cleaner, look no further than Peniel Cleaning.

About Peniel Cleaning


  • Prices are affordable and highly competitive
  • Experienced and dedicated project and support team
  • NEA and Bizsafe certified company
  • Management staff with more than 10 years experience in the cleaning industry
  • Equipped with more than 250 trained pool of professional cleaners
  • More than 60% of our clients stayed with us for more than 5 years
  • More than 75% of our staff stayed with us for more than 2 years
  • 95% of our staff are singaporeans
  • 100% of our staff are under our direct employment and we are MOM compliance
We are a reliable cleaning company in Singapore


We have a team of dedicated and experienced staff that has met the necessary training requirements of the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) and BizSAFE which includes:

  • PROFESSIONAL LOCAL CLEANERS – To perform scheduled cleaning for clients
  • WELL TRAINED FLOAT LEADERS – To replace permanent cleaner on medical or annual leave, assist in training new cleaners and performing specialized cleaning duties i.e carpet cleaning, disinfection, etc.
  • PLEASANT LOOKING & ENGLISH SPEAKING PANTRY LADIES – To assist in preparations for meeting, serve drinks to management staff and guests, maintain cleanliness of pantry and meeting rooms
  • DEDICATED OPERATIONAL MANAGERS & SUPERVISORS – To oversee cleaning project, schedule daily cleaning tasks and coordinate requests between clients and cleaners
  • EFFICIENT TEAM COORDINATORS – Oversee planning of monthly cleaning tasks, source for manpower and coordinate permitted schedule with clients
  • EXPERIENCED SALES TEAM – Listen, discuss or suggest alternatives to meet client’s needs.
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