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How Much Does It Cost To Carpet Clean My Office in SG?

Have you been wanting to carpet clean your office but not sure about the costs of carpet cleaning in Singapore? The price varies depending on how big of an area they have to clean and the services that you would like to have done. Here is some information on carpet cleaning services available in Singapore and how they charge along with the methods they have.

Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

Services Offered By Carpet Cleaning Companies In Singapore

  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Carpet & Rug Shampooing
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services are not limited to just the cleaning of carpets, these services can be for small and big offices. It can be a monthly cleaning service or an occasional cleaning service.

The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Size (Sq Ft)* Price Range Cleaning Duration
Less Than 700 square feet $250 – $280 45 Mins
701 to 1500 square feet $280 – $400 1 to 2 hours 30 mins
1501 to 3000 square feet $350 – $800 2 to 3 hours 30 mins
3001 to 5000 square feet $650 – $1300 3 to 5 hours
Above 5001 square feet Free Onsite Quotation Above 4 hours

Different Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Cleaning

    This process is also called hot water extraction cleaning, industry professionals and carpet manufacturers suggest that this method is the best way to avoid shrinking. This method guarantees the deepest clean and fastest dry time as well as removing stains and washing out any liquid that may have spilled and sipped into the carpet fibers.

    • Pros
      • Extremely effective in deep cleaning
      • Eco friendly
      • Most common method
      • Leading carpet cleaning process for removing odors and bacteria
    • Cons
      • Longer drying time
      • Expensive
  • Dry Cleaning

    This is one of the latest methods of cleaning, perfect cleaning for carpets

    • Pros
      • Quickest process of drying carpets
      • Able to clean delicate materials that carpets are made of such as silk and velvet
      • Training is not required
    • Cons
      • Not recommended for people with health issues such as asthma or any allergies
      • Not effective for deep cleaning
      • Unable to get rid of odours
  • Encapsulation

    This process is mostly used for commercial and carpets with less dirt. The carpet is treated with an encapsulation cleaning solution, this method is currently being used by most professionals in Singapore

    • Pros
      • Effective in cleaning and long-lasting
      • Recommended for large carpeted areas
      • Eliminates dirt effectively
      • Does not require rinsing and drying
    • Cons
      • Expensive to purchase the machine needed as well as the cleaning solution
      • Does not have the capability to remove any oily or greasy stains
      • The machine is heavy and not easy to move around

Other methods of cleaning

  • Dry Foam Carpet Shampooing
    The machine lightly scrubs your carpet with water-based shampoo while providing deep cleaning into the fibers of the carpet. Once the foam comes into contact with the dirt it is immediately absorbed by the foam and is then extracted without leaving any wet, oily, and sticky residue behind. This method is highly recommended for office cleaning as it is quick drying and has anti-resoil features.
  • Bonnet Buffing
    This method is recommended for maintaining carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Costs

Factors to consider before making a decision on the type of cleaning method to use

  • Material of your carpet
  • Type of dirt (e.g oil, soil, spillage of any liquids)
  • Amount of people walking over your carpet
  • Amount of time needed for drying
  • Any health issues that might affect the methods being used

Carpet cleaning process

  • Vacuuming Thoroughly
    This process is to eliminate larger particles such as hair, sand, debris and any other objects.
  • Spray Treatment
    The spray helps to break down stains which will then help in making it easier to remove the stains during the following steps.
  • Manual Cleaning
    A professional will locate the stains and use the appropriate carpet cleaning solutions to remove a particular stain.
  • Agitation For Deep Cleaning
    Cleaning machines with brushes are used to agitate the solution applied deep into the fibers of the carpet, this ensures that the cleaning process will thoroughly and deeply clean the carpet.
  • Hot Water Extraction
    This process includes using a particular machine that sprays a special chemical solution with high pressure. Any dirt in the carpet will then be dislodged and be extracted by the suction of the machines

Purpose Of Carpet Cleaning
You may ask why you have to spend money on constantly carpet cleaning your office and if there are any cheap carpet cleaning services available, below is a list of reasons on why cleaning is recommended. Some cleaning companies may charge you a lower price, it varies from company to company and depends on how big the area that requires cleaning is. Read our blog about the reasons to employ a competent carpet cleaning team!

Office Cleaning Singapore

  • Improved Health
    Carpets are perfect places for allergens, dirt and various bacteria. The particles from the carpet that are airborne may affect people with breathing problems such as asthma or make it difficult to breathe. Other health issues could occur if children and the elderly happen to be around. Regular vacuuming will not completely remove all the bacteria hence it could lead to a wide range of health issues. Getting a professional carpet cleaning done can help to remove it and have the carpet completely cleaned. Which will then help people with breathing problems to have a lesser chance of worsening what they have and prevent others from getting any issues. Being able to properly breathe will then reduce the risk of falling ill.
  • Improvement Of Airflow
    Yes, dirty carpets can affect air quality and flow. The area will have air that is polluted by the carpet and make it stuffy and unpleasant. Getting rid of the dirt by getting it professionally cleaned will improve the air quality.
  • Improved Looks and Experience
    As dirt and dust gets built up in your carpet, it will affect the fibers and affect the way your carpet looks after a while as well as the experience of walking on it, be it barefooted or not as you will feel the roughness of the carpet. Having a carpet that looks old and worn out or that is not clean can also create a negative impression on yourself.

Getting new carpets is not cheap hence investing in maintenance is highly encouraged such as getting it cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Carpet cleaning in Singapore may not be cheap, however in the long run it will benefit you. I hope this article has cleared your doubts about carpet cleaning. Gather the information that is critical before making the decision. If you need more reasons to employ a professional carpet cleaner in Singapore, read our blog here!

How to take care of your carpet

The carpet is used most often as compared to all the furniture in a home. Thus, carpet cleaning is needed as using it often will contribute to dirt collection and general wear and strain.

Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

When you have the appropriate tools, caring for your carpet is a breeze.

To maintain your carpet looking great on a regular basis, all you will need is a vacuum, a good stain remover that won’t harm the material of the carpet, and a pair of scissors to get rid of any unnecessary snags.

The most crucial aspect in preventing your carpet from smelling unpleasant or becoming infested with pests, both of which may be distressing, is hygiene. Vacuuming your carpet is crucial even if it is in your office. Vacuuming regularly can help your carpet to last for a longer period of time.

There are many carpet cleaning services available for both homes and in the office.

  • Vacuum
  • Spills
  • Snags
  • Carpet Pad
  • Steaming
  • Dry Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning Costs

Vacuuming your carpet is one the easiest way to prevent dirt from accumulating on your carpet. It is most recommended to vacuum at least once a week to prevent dirt and debris from piling up internally in the carpet fibers. Especially in the office where vacuuming more than once would be required when there is a lot of foot traffic.

It is important to remember that the type of vacuum you use, as well as how you use it, plays a part in the caring process.

  • Certain functions of the vacuum will actually damage the carpet. To avoid harming the ends of the fibers, you will want to utilize the highest setting on your vacuum’s head. In addition, your vacuum should have a lot of airflow and big wheels.
  • Dusting your carpeting and other flooring surfaces on a regular basis will help capture dirt that might otherwise fall on them. You may also battle this problem by ensuring that your furnace has a new air filter fitted.

This will assist to capture dust that would otherwise find its way into your carpet fibers.

Clean spills

Office Cleaning Singapore

If there is a spill or a stain, clean it up right away. Wipe dried spots off with care to avoid harming the fibers.

  • Blot wet spots with tissue paper and then remove with liquid detergent. If you have a hand-tufted carpet, use a small quantity of water since too much water might damage the glue that holds the fibers together.
  • Professional carpet cleaning services generally utilize hot water extraction cleaning procedures to efficiently remove dirt from deep within the fibers and disinfect the carpet.

Vacuuming regularly can also assist to reduce the build-up of dirt in the carpet between cleanings.

Remove snags

If there are any snags spotted, do be reminded not to pull them out as they will damage the material of the carpet. Instead, use scissors to cut off the snag.

Use the right carpet pad

The proper pad will help your carpet last longer, while the wrong pad will cut the life of your carpet in half.

  • The proper pad will help your carpet last longer, while the wrong pad will cut the life of your carpet in half. The density of the carpet pad, not its thickness, determines its quality.
  • A cheap and low-quality pad will only last a few years and afterward, it needs to be replaced.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is often used and it is the process of using dry chemical compounds to break down dirt so that it may be vacuumed away. It cleans well without the need for drying time, but it does so at the risk of utilizing chemicals that are potentially harmful to the carpet and the environment.

Steam Cleaning

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Servicces

Steam cleaning is often available for office cleaning services as it involves hot water extraction that uses a mixture and carpet shampoo to clean carpets. It is the safest method available that is capable of eliminating up to 99 percent of dirt and germs on your carpet.

Engaging professional carpet cleaning services

Hiring a Professional carpet cleaning is the ideal plan to clean your carpet. They do not have to come so often, at least twice a year to clean the deeper layers.

Cleaning services generally charge a set price for home carpets that varies from $70 to $300. In Singapore, it can get really humid and when it is too warm, mold grows on carpets, therefore utilizing a dehumidifier will help keep your carpet clean and mold-free. Experts say that humidity levels of 60 to 65 percent are ideal for carpet maintenance.

Hiring both office cleaning services and normal carpet cleaning services works just well as long as your carpet is getting cleaned. An important point to take note is that carpet cleaning is not an expensive affair at all!

Bonnet Cleaning Services

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Servicces Singapore

Bonnet carpet cleaning cleans the top section of the carpet fiber using a duty motorized machine. It uses a spinning pad that has been soaked in a cleaning agent to absorb dirt from the carpet surface which works relatively well but there are disadvantages too. It works well in offices when there is a high traffic of users.

The con of engaging bonnet carpet cleaning services would be because this particular service is unable to thoroughly clean a carpet, dirt from beneath it rises to the surface in a short amount of time, leading the carpet to get dirty again rapidly.

Other alternatives:

  • Another way to maintain your carpet would be turning it upside down and gently beating it is another excellent technique to clean it. This gets rid of all the loose yarn and dirt. Make sure you’re doing this in a public area or outside.

There are many benefits when taking care of your carpet and they include:

  • Improved Health
  • Better moods
  • Healthier Environment
  • Enhances interior of the room

singapore office cleaning services

Professional carpet cleaning services come standard that you will not receive if you clean your furnishings yourself. If you are only cleaning up tiny stains, doing the cleaning yourself can be the most cost-effective option.

However, while carpet cleaning services in Singapore are a little more expensive, they guarantee better results that will last longer. Furthermore, it will always be the superior alternative for extending the life of your carpet and restoring its original cleanliness.

Benefits of hiring a professional home cleaning services in Singapore

It’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning as the new year beckons. Most of us are looking forward to having a fresh start this upcoming year. What better way to kick start the new year with a fresh new feel of home to go along the newly-set resolutions. House cleaning in Singapore is a yearly affair, at the very least. For some, spring cleaning is a breeze. For others, a drudgery chore. There are individuals who find cleaning their homes to be therapeutic while some shudder at the thought of it, dreading the clean-up act altogether. It’s difficult to bring yourself to do this daunting and seemingly endless task when it is the time to do it. The decision to do all the work yourself or hire a house cleaner can be more than just a question of money. In this article, let’s consider the benefits of hiring professional home cleaning services Singapore.

House cleaning in Singapore is important yet extremely time consuming. There’s no glamour in it and by the time you are done, you would be too tired to even admire or take pride in your work. If you are busy with other commitments like work, social activities, parenting or anything else, hiring a professional home cleaning services Singapore to take care of the hard work might just be the perfect solution for you.

Some things are better left to the professionals and the same concept applies for cleaning. Experienced house cleaners and cleaning experts know how to make your home squeaky clean and spotless using modern, specialised equipment and solvents to get the job done in an effective and fast manner that will leave a lasting impression. Some tough cleaning spots that professional cleaning services can handle includes carpet cleaning, upholstery and windows. Some home cleaning services in Singapore, like Peniel Cleaning, have undergone specialised training in using equipment special steam cleaners or tools like Rotowash, Deep Extraction, Steam Cleaning and Floor Cleaning Maintenance to make sure the cleaning job is done to perfection. Using professionals for house cleaning in Singapore means your home is cleaned to perfection on the specific time and day you decide on.

Getting home cleaning services in Singapore not only clean and clear up the clutter in and around your house but it also clears up your schedule. The main key benefit of getting hired professional help for house cleaning in Singapore is that you will free up more of your personal time. Wipe away the dreaded and worried feeling to set aside time to clean. Just sit back and relax while someone else with the proper training and experience takes care of the hard work for you. Do not feel guilty. People who choose to use home cleaning services in Singapore have chosen to dedicate their precious and priceless time to better and more important things. Hiring a professional cleaner could be the most practical decision and wisest investment you have made. You deserve to take a break for yourself and spend time with your loved ones. It makes sense –in terms of both logical and financial – to hire a professional who can clean better than you can.

3 Tips To Do Office Cleaning in Singapore

Why do we need to clean the office? There are plenty of reasons why we should clean the office. Now with the pandemic on going, it is important to actually keep the office clean to prevent any sort of bacterias, germ and viruses from spreading within the office. You would not have known who sat at your desk when you were working from home. On the other hand you could contact any office cleaning services at least once a month.  Here are 3 tips on office cleaning, especially your own work space.

Tips for Office Cleaning in Singapore

Tip 1: Always clean the telephone

Whenever you step into the office remember to sanitize your hand and continue with the next thing which is cleaning the telephone that is on your desk. Why should you clean the telephone on your desk? One reason is that it might be used by someone else when you are working from home. Second would be that it is very unhygienic, you would never know if there is any form of bacteria that is on the phone. Last would be saliva, whenever you answer the phone there is a possibility of your saliva coming out of your mouth and also someone else’s who uses your telephone when you are gone to answer any client that is on the line. With this being said, you should be concerned about it. Here are some ways to clean the telephone:

  • Always carry a disinfectant wipes with you around
  • Used the disinfectant wipe to wine down on the phone thoroughly
  • Fold the wipes 4 times and try to get into each corner of the phone
  • Next wipe the numbers gently, prevent any misdeal numbers
  • Repeat for the second time

By repeating the process of cleaning the telephone would help to reduce the germ,saliva or bacteria that it one the phone. It is always important to wipe down two times as it might be 95% to 99% clean. Always remember to clean your phone before and after work for the next person. Do this on a regular basis whenever possible or when you are told to come back to the office for work.

Office Cleaning Singapore

Tip 2: Remember to wipe down your keyboard

After wiping down your telephone the next step would be to wipe down your keyboard, only applicable to offices that provide you with a keyboard. Not to worry you could do this on your personal laptop that you bring to work.

One of the reasons why we should be wiping your keyboard is because your hands touch many places, whether it is the printer or a coffee machine. It is common for you to always have germs on your hand which will be transferred to your keyboards.

Another reason would be if someone else used your keyboard for some other reason, it is okay if they know how you like your keyboard but what if they do not? Some people do work while eating, this will make the keyboard greasy and oily which personally is not clean and unhygienic. Here are some ways to clean your keyboard:

  • Always remember to not on your computer or laptop while doing this
  • Take a disinfecting wipes and wipe the surface and the top of the keyboard
  • Fold the wipes so you could get into the crease of the keyboard to clean any dirt out
  • Repeat the process for the second time

First round of wiping the keyboard with disinfectant wipe might not do the job if your keyboard has not been clean for a while. It will at least take 2 wipe down or maybe more to be disinfected. Always clean your keyboard twice every week. If you do not want anyone to touch or use your keyboard you should paste a sticky note on the wall or at the desk exactly right beside your keyboard. By chance that one really could not find any keyboard, set a condition for them when they are using the keyboard. Remember not everyone will do it so you had to do your job to also wipe down your keyboard at the end of the day.

Office Cleaning Services

Tip 3: Always remember to throw the trash away

You have come to the last and final tip for office cleaning. Trash. Trash is where you throw tissues, food, papers and basically anything that you might now want to use. It also carries the most bacterias and germs in the whole entire office. Not only that, the food that you have thrown or your coworker has thrown will attract any sort of pest or insect into the office and to the bin. To prevent this from happening here are some simple steps that you and your co-worker could do.

  1. Always check all bin before leaving the office (if you are the last person)
  2. If there isn’t any, proceed on throwing yours
  3. Push the trash down as much as you can
  4. Tie the to ends together
  5. Throw the trash outside of the office
  6. Do not forget to wash your hands

It is as easy as the alphabet (a,b,c). By doing this, you are keeping your office environment clean and a workable place.

Office Cleaning in Singapore

There is a country that implemented office cleaning day and this country is Singapore. They implemented it after the pandemic had struck. They called it office cleaning in Singapore. Where everyone comes together as a company to clean the officand just to add on they do not have to work on that day and still get paid. WHY? Cleanliness and hygiene are the top few reasons why they do so.

Cleaning Services

Don’t worry, there are always cleaning services that have office cleaning services. You could choose which cleaning service you want. An example would be office cleaning, they will clean each and every part of your office, including the carpets. There is also air conditioner cleaning services and also toilet cleaning service. You have a variety of choices. Remember to keep your desk clean at all times and always clean the office once every month !

Carpet Cleaning Costs & Other Info


The 2021 national average is $150 for carpet cleaning (small size carpet of about 3m x 2m). Expect to pay between $200 and $300 for larger carpets.

carpet cleaning cost in Singapore

Carpet Cleaning Methods

The best method of cleaning carpets is usually steam cleaning, which removes over 90% of dirt and bacteria from carpeting. Many of our readers have Covid-19 in mind when they are thinking of cleaning their carpets. We understand that. Hygiene is a big thing now in 2021 and beyond. Did you know that soot and grime can be removed in just 1 session by us? Contact us to get a quote today!

An important point to take note is that professional carpet cleaning helps to remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. This helps you/your family/your colleagues/your customers to breathe easier and reduces the risk of colds and other health problems. Did you know that having a dirty carpet can impede the airflow in your home?

A zoom image of dust mite that resides on carpet

Other options for carpet cleaning for most residential customers involve a full restoration with equipment, including truck-mounted carpet extractors, carpet cleaning machines or other tools, spray-on toxic cleaning solutions, and 100% organic dry foam-based treatments. A full restoration is often less expensive than steam cleaning.

Best Time To Clean?

For bigger carpets used in commercial places, there is alot more work involved. For example, we can only do the cleaning when there is little to no traffic. Hence, we usually start the cleaning at about 8pm at night and we usually end at about 10pm.

A large carpet on hotel lobby

Think of big carpets that measure 5m by 4m used in hotels, museums, schools, and etc. Or even carpets that are used throughout the hotel lobby!

To get a quotation from Peniel Cleaning, simply go to our website and write to us. https://www.penielcleaning.com.sg/contact-us/

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