Does Cleaning Services in Singapore Include Carpet Cleaning

The carpet absorbs a large amount of dust, dirt particles and myriad of dust mites and other microorganism like bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. So even if you don’t see any stains, it does not mean your textile flooring does not need professional carpet cleaning Singapore. The challenge of owning a good carpet is on how to keep it clean regularly.

Carpet cleaning services in Singapore

Here are some golden rules and tips for carpet cleaning services in Singapore

  1. Always deal with stains as quickly as possible for ease of cleaning success.
  2. Never over-wet the carpet when cleaning, always try and keep the carpet  dry.
  3. Never use inappropriate household detergents on carpets i.e. (washing up liquid, wash powders, bleach, disinfectants etc.)
  4. Never apply the cleaning fluid directly onto the carpet , always a cloth or sponge to wipe the stained area.
  5. Always test any detergent on an inconspicuous area of carpet prior to treating a stain.
  6. When using detergents always use the recommended dilution ratios.
    Professional carpet cleaning in Singapore
  7. Always mop, scrape or blot up any excess prior to treatment. Never rub or scrub, always work from the out side of the stain inward to avoid spreading it.
  8. Try and encourage quick drying by leaving windows doors open etc.
  9. Do not attempt to wash your carpet with water as it may cause the colour to run and if not dried properly it will produce a foul smell.

Carpet cleaning requires skills, experiences, time and resources. Thus, engaging some carpet cleaning services in Singapore are ideal. Carpet cleaning experts know it best; they are trained to only use non-toxic product solutions, safe tools and quality cleaners that would not do any harm to your households. Their carpet cleaning techniques and processes provide the best, lasting results that you have always wanted.

Carpet cleaning services in Singapore cover a lot of area, from professional carpet cleaners to window washing and others, for all kinds of offices, commercial buildings and factories and home.

Office cleaning and duties can be quite a monotonous, time consuming activity and difficult task to do. As such nobody likes to do the  job of office cleaning. This tasks can be undertaken by some cleaning services in Singapore, at a fee, who will make the work surroundings a clean and healthy environment.

Overall, the cleaning services in Singapore will do your office cleaning and carpet cleaning to get your office looking the best it ever has and well organized at all times