Is Carpet Cleaning Expensive?

Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

Carpet is one of the basic assets of every Singapore household, office, hotel, restaurant, shops, and businesses. As Singapore is famous for its cleanliness, carpet cleaning is considered an essential task for most domestic and commercial organizers. Singapore’s hot, humid and extreme weather conditions result in a trend of indoor air conditioning and wall to wall floor carpeting which will arise a need of looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore.

Generally speaking, some of the most commonly used carpets available in the market are: 

1. Loop Pile Carpet or Rug:

This is normal basic and most common type of carpet, called a loop pile carpet also known as rug. It is made of less fancy material and fibers are bent into a series of loops that resists stains, meaning it is more durable but provides less cushioning. 

2. Plush Carpet:

This is a premium quality softer and more luxurious feel carpet comes in either Saxony style or texture, with more smoother appearance, also known as plush carpet for soft and comfy feel.Penielcleaning-Is Carpet Cleaning Expensive

Whether you have a rug or a carpet, whether it’s only in your living and bedrooms or a wall to wall in the whole office premises, carpets are prone to accumulate dust and other micro species such as termites and dust mites over the time. Everyday cleaning and vacuum is unable to clean your carpets thoroughly form these dust and termites which can cause harmful bacterias to spread to you and your loved ones. Especially if you have pets at home, the shred fur can also accumulate in the carpets, require heavy-duty cleaning which your normal vacuum cleaner will not be able to do. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to hire a professional for carpet cleaning in Singapore to stay away from dust allergies, termites and falling sick more often. 

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Carpet cleaning should be done at least once a year and depending on the heavy usage and stains, once every 3 – 6 months time. Generally, carpet cleaning service providers charge between $50 – $400 depending on their services according to per square feet as follows:

For up to 500 sq ft – $0.50 – $0.60 with a minimum charge of $250

For 600 – 1200 sq ft – $0.325 – $0.35 for up to 2 hours

For 1201 – 2500 sq ft – $0.275 – $0.30 for up to 4 hours

For 2501 – 5000 sq ft – $0.225 – $ 0.25 for up to 6 hours

For 5001 – 7999  sq ft – $0.175 – $ 0.20 for up to 8 hours

This is a general guideline according to industry average and should not be considered as the final price for any carpet cleaning services company in Singapore. If you would like to find out the price for your residential house or commercial building, please contact the respective companies.

Factors Affecting Price of Carpet Cleaning Services In Singapore

Many people think that carpet cleaning services are very expensive in Singapore. This is a common misconception whereby many factors play a vital role in this argument. As carpet cleaning is gaining popularity because of Singaporeans busy lifestyle, there is not much time to put effort into looking for heavy-duty vacuum cleaners and trying and testing which soaps and stain removers will clean your carpet. That’s when you go online and start searching for carpet cleaning services in Singapore. When you are hiring a professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore, you need to consider the following factors affecting the price of carpet cleaning services company:

    • Professional Experience
    • Technical Equipment
    • Stain remover Chemicals
    • Clients Testimonials
    • Online Reviews
    • Customer Service

team carpet cleaning Expensive1. Professional Experience: As experience is proof that a company is reliable and deserve giving a try. The more the experienced a company is, the prices they charge might be higher accordingly depending on their expertise. Therefore, if you think a carpet cleaning service provider must have professional experience in their industry in order to provide a reliable service, you might want to expand your budget accordingly. If they are totally new in the market and just claim to be professional, without any experience then you might wanna get some referrals from friends and colleagues or even from the internet before hiring them. They might offer you a less expensive service due to lack of experience, but again you should consider having a background check for their services.  

2. Technical Equipment: Normally carpet cleaning services come with a few fancy heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, along with some extra cleaning accessories. Therefore, depending on your preferences, if you would like advance high tech equipment for carpet cleaning services, your price could be mid to high range accordingly.

3. Stain remover Chemicals: Many carpet cleaning services come with a package for stain removers. As technology has advanced, the chemicals used are generally child and pet-friendly, as well as tested for allergies. The price depends on how highly advanced their chemicals are and how many square feet area needs carpet cleaning services.  

4. Clients Testimonials: Many websites have their clients testimonials on their website, therefore, those with more clients testimonials have efficient services and must be more reputable, and hence will be more reliable in exchange of a medium to high prices. 

5. Online Reviews: As people are spending more time on the internet, mobile usage has made it so convenient to go and review on Google for anything. Therefore, those with good client testimonials are ought to provide good reliable services but might be a bit pricy.

6. Customer Service: Customers are the center of attention for many businesses. As many carpet cleaning services claim to be professional and reliable to beat their competitors, it is vital to pay attention to their customer service. If they are unable to provide a great customer service, no matter how expensive or cheap they are, nobody would want to go to them again. Therefore, if you might have to pay slightly higher for those with good customer service, it definitely worth the money spent. Because no one wants to end up having those bad experiences where they had to wait for the cleaners to come for carpet cleaning services or where the company did not reply to customers’ queries.

In conclusion, the carpet cleaning services in Singapore is not so expensive after all as it is considered to be. When you are paying for carpet cleaning services, you are not just paying to see a cleaner carpet without stains, instead you have to pay for their reliability, their professional services, their experience in the industry, their quality equipment, logistics and last but not least, the peace of mind of having all these essentials under one company. Therefore, by choosing a well trusted reliable brand, like Peniel Cleaning Pte Ltd, with more than 10 years of industry experience, NEA and Bizsafe Certified with highly affordable and competitive prices, you will not just save hours of effort for carpet cleaning services for your home or office, it will prove to be worth the price.

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