Cleaning service in Singapore have been of great assistance to many people. Homeowners who can’t find time to clean their dwelling can just hire a professional cleaner to tidy up their home. Employees can continue working in a pleasing and clean workplace with the help of the professional cleaners. With just a call away, you can schedule a cleaning service at home or in the office. This service is very helpful especially if you have a house party and you are running out of time to clean your place.

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Professional cleaners offer a wide array of cleaning services at a reasonable rate. So, hiring a part-time cleaner makes a practical option if you don’t want to get a full-time one. There are different cleaning services available these days.

Below are the most common types of cleaning services in Singapore.

  • Residential Cleaning Service

Home cleaning is considered as the most common service and is widely requested. This type of cleaning service generally involves housekeeping and cleaning. Among the frequent tasks provided in this service are cleaning with a vacuum, dusting, kitchen cleaning, windows cleaning, lavatory cleaning, wiping furniture, scrubbing bathroom wall and floor, removing cobwebs, etc. Depending on the requested tasks and the size of the house, the service may take 1 day or just a few hours. Some clients hire residential cleaning on a regular basis, meaning they set a schedule on when the cleaner should come over to perform the tasks, while other customers require a one-time service.

  • Office Cleaning Service

For companies, the office cleaning service is a practical option to keep the workplace looking clean and organised without spending much. The service can be done within the working hours or a little after the office hours, depending on the company’s request. Some of the tasks include vacuuming the carpeted floor or mopping tiled floor, wiping tables and desk, cleaning glass windows and doors,  dusting furniture, cleaning cubicle dividers, emptying bins, etc. Bigger offices may require more cleaners to finish the tasks within a short period of time, while smaller office may just need one person to carry out the cleaning service.

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  • Carpet Cleaning Service

Whether at home or in the workplace, carpet cleaning service in Singapore is vital to keep it clean and prolong its life. Carpets are an expensive investment, which is why many homeowners seek the service of carpet cleaners to ensure that this valuable possession is well taken care of. Carpet cleaning is more than just vacuuming to remove the dust that accumulates in its fibres, most of the times, the service includes sanitising it to get rid of the foul smell and kill bacteria. If there are hard to remove stains, the carpet may require a deep cleaning to eliminate the stain.

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  • Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning service is often hired to handle general cleaning in a multistoried office building. Some of the tasks in commercial cleaning include cleaning lifts, lobby, common areas, washroom and staircases, sweeping car park, clearing bins, replenishing toiletries, cleaning toilets, washing windows etc. Sometimes, professional cleaners may also be hired to clean a commercial site after an event or a warehouse, cut grass or trim plants, control pests, disinfect or sanitise an area, and maintain rooftop or pavements cleanliness. Commercial cleaning services can be done daily or as scheduled by the client.