1. Where are your cleaners from?
Ans: Our cleaners are mostly local Singaporeans.
2. What is the age range of your cleaners?
Ans: Varies between 50 to 60 years old.
3. What happens if the cleaner is on Medical / Urgent Leave?
Ans: We will send a replacement staff down on the day itself to attend to the essential duties.
4. How fast would the response time be for stand-in staff?
Ans: Approximately 03 hour time upon notice for scheduling, briefing before our supervisor dispatch them down to the area.
5. How fast will your cleaner be able to start work if we decide to engage your company?
Ans: Usually takes about 3 to 5 working days upon receipt of confirmation agreement to source and schedule cleaner to start work. In the midst of 3-5 working days, Peniel will bring suitable candidates down to the office for a site orientation as well as a brief introduction of job duties. Cleaner will be deployed once they are comfortable to take up the jobs. This is to deter cleaner from resigning within days of taking up the job, which in turn affects client’s daily operation.
6. What happen if cleaner’s service are not up to our customer’s expectation?
Ans: We strongly encourage all feedback during the initial period (1 – 2 weeks) for the cleaner to settle in and adapt to their role. Peniel’s operational and support team will manage the expectation gap between client and cleaner accordingly in which it includes counseling, briefing as well as warning till replacement if there is no changes or improvement to the cleaning requirement.
7. What are the payment terms for engaging our service?
Ans: Strictly 30 days credit terms for monthly contract and immediate payment (COD) cash on delivery upon completion of job for ad-hoc contract.
8. How long will most of your service contract be?
Ans: Contract will be ongoing till termination. Termination notice to be minimum 14 days in writing.
9. What does your service rate include (Corporate Service Contracts)?
Ans: Basic pay of cleaner, CPF contributions, medical insurance, public liability, training, replacement of cleaner during mc/leave, counselling/change of cleaner due to performance issues, supervisory/sourcing/management of cleaner, others if applicable in the contract: provision/deliveries of cleaning supplies, provision/maintenance of cleaning equipment e.g. vacuum cleaner.
10. Do you provide cleaning supplies and toiletries as well?
Ans: Yes, we provide basic set of cleaning supplies and a wide range toiletries if required.