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Disinfecting & Cleaning Services

Peniel Cleaning provides professional and thorough cleaning and disinfecting services for offices, workplaces, businesses premises, factory premises, hotels, schools, and also homes in Singapore. We protect you – our esteemed clients, against the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus!

With our certified teams and our heavy investments in the latest disinfecting and cleaning technology, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with cost savings and effective solutions to protect them from viruses or germs.

Have a confirmed Covid-19 case? Clean and Disinfect immediately!

We all know that regular cleaning at your work premise or home enhances the overall cleanliness and sanitation of your premise. This is especially important if you have a confirmed Covid-19 case at your working premise or home. Over at Peniel Cleaning, our cleaning and disinfection teams can be activated within hours (duration will depend on the total size of your premise) to minimize expensive downtime to your business operations. Our disinfection teams are certified and we follow The National Environment Agency (NEA)’s guidelines on the procedures and chemicals used.

Cleaning Disinfecting
Cleaning services generally means to physically wipe off surface dirt, grime and impurities or deep cleaning with specialized equipment and tools. E.g. Rotowash carpet cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning. Disinfecting services on the other hand means using NEA approved disinfectants (that won’t harm humans) and special procedures to eliminate virus on the surfaces of your table, cupboard and other furniture. e.g. one directional wipe downs, etc.
We also make use of different types of detergents to break down oil and grease compounds for effective cleaning. Eliminating the virus and preventing cross contaminations helps lower the risk of transmissions.
We strongly urge all offices and building owners to do daily clean up to ensure the health and well-being of your people. e.g. wipe down high touch points every few hours It may be important and paramount to clean up before disinfecting because dirt and grime may reduce the effectiveness of the disinfectants.

Commercial Building Cleaning

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Building Cleaning in Singapore
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  • Maintain the hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation of your entire building
  • Provide scheduled proper vacuuming, cleaning and mopping of building floor space
  • Provide overall building cleaning services at the lobby, corridor, and or carpark area
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Grass Cutting
  • High Dusting of Cobweb

Office Cleaning Services

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Disinfection Services
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  • We provide cleaning services in your office such as wiping of office workstations and desks
  • Making sure your meeting room tables are all cleansed and sanitised
  • Sanitization of all telephone sets in the office
  • Making sure your pantry is clean (we also provide the washing of cups and wiping of your pantry fittings services)
  • Spot cleaning of all glass panels in your office, including doors and windows

Supplementary Cleaning Services

Disinfecting & Cleaning Services
Office Cleaning & Disinfecting
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Post Reno cleaning
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Boutique Cleaning
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  • We use the latest technology and equipment in our supplementary cleaning services
  • Our cleaning services eliminates odour
  • We kill all germs and bacteria up to 99.99%
  • We have steam cleaning equipment that is suitable for your soft carpet
  • Rotowash carpet cleaning equipment
  • We also provide spring cleaning services before the major festivals
  • We provide pre-move in and after office renovation cleaning

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