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Professional Office Cleaning

Singapore Office Cleaning Professionals
Office Cleaning Professionals in Singapore
SG Office Cleaning Professionals
Office Cleaning workers in SG
SG Office Cleaning services
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  • Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of overall office premises.
  • Scheduled vacuuming and mopping of floor space.
  • Wiping of office workstations, meeting rooms tables and sanitization of telephone set.
  • Upkeep pantry cleanliness (e.g washing of cups and wiping of pantry’s fittings).
  • Daily clearing of waste disposal bins and replace liner if necessary.
  • Spot cleaning of glass panels, doors and windows.

Tea Lady and Pantry Services

Cheap Office Cleaning For Pantry
Reliable Office Cleaning For Pantry
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  • Serve beverages to office staff and guest.
  • Assist in preparation of meeting room (e.g ensure tidiness, prepare refreshments).
  • Maintain pantry cleanliness (e.g washing of cups, utensils and other pantry related items).
  • Maintain and replenish water dispensers and coffee makers.
  • Managing pantry supplies (e.g assist in monthly stock take and replenishment).

Specialized Carpet Cleaning

Professional Office Carpet Cleaning
Reliable Office Carpet Cleaning
Superb Office Carpet Cleaning
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  • Deep cleaning of carpet floorings.
  • Kills germs and bacteria.
  • Eliminates odour.
  • Prolong and enhance carpet life span and outlook.
  • We use the latest technology and machines for all carpet types:
    • Rotowash — Suitable for heavy traffic carpet
    • Steam cleaning — Suitable for soft carpet
    • Bonneting — Suitable for heavily soiled and worn out carpet
    • Deep extraction — Suitable for space restricted carpet

Disinfection Services

Professional Office Disinfect Cleaning
Reliable Office Disinfect Cleaning
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  • Eliminate 99.99% of viruses (e.g. flu and virus outbreaks)
  • Using fogging method to disinfect.
  • More effective for hard to reach areas and corners.
  • Quick turnaround solution to disinfect a big area.
  • Enhance indoor air quality and reduce bacteria build up
  • We use advanced and efficient disinfection methods.

Fabric Chair & Partition Cleaning

Singapore Professional Cleaning For Office
Reliable Office Cleaning Services
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partition cleaning
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  • Thorough cleaning of fabric furnitures in the office using deep extraction.
  • Remove trapped dust and other pollutants such as mold and allergen.
  • Remove stains from fabric.
  • Use of sanitisation chemicals to remove germs and bacteria.
  • Prolong and enhance fabric life span and outlook.

Supplementary Services

Cleaning In Office In Singapore
Office Cleaning by reliable company
office cleaning by professional company
office cleaning that you can trust
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  • Spring cleaning / Pre-move in & After office renovation cleaning.
  • Toilets / Washrooms descaling.
  • Chairs, sofas, blinds and curtains cleaning.
  • Air-con, fans and lighting cleaning.
  • Full length glass panel cleaning.
  • Disposal services.

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