Office and house relocation can be a whirlwind of emotions – the thrill of a new beginning, the stress of packing, and the worry of leaving your old place in perfect condition. The last thing you need is the added pressure of ensuring your place is spotless for the final inspection, especially after extensive renovation work. This is where our end of tenancy and post-renovation cleaning services step in.

What is Post Renovation & End of Tenancy Cleaning?

A cleaning service after renovation is a comprehensive solution designed to restore your property to its pristine state following construction or remodeling work. This involves deep cleaning that eliminates dust, grime, and any lingering construction debris, ensuring your space is spotless and ready for use.

On the other hand, end of tenancy cleaning is a thorough cleaning service that comes into play at the end of your lease period. The aim here is to ensure the property is immaculate and ready for the next occupants. The benefits of both these services are significant – they save you time and effort, enhance the appeal of your property, and in the case of end of tenancy cleaning in Singapore, it can even help secure the return of your full bond.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our Types of Cleaning Packages

How Does Our Post Renovation & End of Tenancy Cleaning Works?

Site Assessment

Based on the site assessment, we will provide a quote based on requirement and condition of the premise.

Our operations team will work closely with you on the pre-service arrangements leading to service day.

A team leader will be stationed to coordinate and manage the team. Quality checks will be carried out prior to handover.

Ready for a Spotless Space?

Don’t let the stress take your excitement away from your newly renovated premise or the relief of ending your tenancy.

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