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Regular Housekeeping Services

Economical Residential Cleaning
Trusted Residential Cleaning
Cheap Residential Cleaning
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  • Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly housekeeping
  • Maintain overall cleanliness and tidiness of house
  • Cleaning duties includes:
    • Vacuum/sweep and mop hard flooring with germicide chemical
    • Washing of toilet(s) with germicide chemical
    • Wipe down of kitchen equipment, furniture and fittings with disinfectant solution
    • Wipe down of window grills and internal glass panel within reachable and accessible height and limit.
    • Tidying of beds and folding of clothing

One-Time Cleaning Package

Professional Residential Cleaning
Reliable Residential Cleaning
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  • Spring cleaning (CNY or other celebrations)
  • House pre-move in / House hand-over cleaning
  • After renovation cleaning
  • Cleaning duties includes:
    • Thorough wipe down of bedrooms and living rooms
    • Thorough vacuum/ sweep and mopping of hard flooring areas
    • Thorough descaling of toilet fixture and fittings
    • Degreasing of kitchen’s equipment and furniture’s fittings
    • Hi dust and thorough wipe down of balcony area

Specialized Cleaning Services

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  • Carpet cleaning & rug shampooing and sanitization
  • Sofa, blind and curtain upholstery cleaning (Shampoo/Steam)
  • Leather sofa cleaning
  • Mattress upholstery cleaning (Steam only)
  • Disinfection services
  • Lawn mowing (Grass cutting) and plant pruning
  • Hi pressure washing of car porch, yard, etc

Our Rates

Weekly CleaningTwice Weekly CleaningOne Time (Ad-hoc)
ScopeGeneral HousekeepingGeneral HousekeepingGeneral House Keeping / Spring Cleaning
Manpower Allocation*Estimated 4 Hours per visit
1 Cleaner
*Estimated 3 to 4 Hours per visit
1 Cleaner
*Estimated 6 to 8 Hours per visit
2 – 4 Cleaner
Studio (1 Bedroom)fr $300 per monthfr $500 per monthfr $450
2 – 3 Bedroomsfr $400 per monthfr $600 per monthfr $550
4 Bedrooms or morefr $500 per monthfr $700 per monthfr $650
Terrace / Semi-Detachedfr $650 per monthfr $800 per monthfr $800
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